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Favorite Teams {1/5}
     ↳ The Outlaws

"Hey, bozos. Stop fighting, or face the, um…. wrath of the Red Hood gang.”

Favorite Male Characters {5/5}
     ↳ Roy Harper / Speedy / Red Arrow / Arsenal

"We all fight for different things. But we all still fight. Everything we need — it’s all within us.”

Favorite Male Characters {4/5}
     ↳ Conner Kent / Superboy

"Are we going to have a moral at the end of every adventure?”

Favorite Male Characters {2/5}
     ↳ Garfield Logan / Beast Boy

"Nobody’s normal. Sooner you figure that out, sooner the staring won’t bother you."

Favorite Male Characters {1/5}
     ↳ Wally West / Kid Flash / Flash

Any child’s death is not just a cessation of a living being. It’s the death of hope. And without that—what have we got?”

Favorite Female Characters {5/5}
     ↳ M’gann M’orzz / Miss Martian

"I can do a lot more than just punch.”

Favorite Female Characters {4/5}
     ↳ Cassandra Cain / Batgirl / Black Bat

Weak. Without focus you’re nothing. And that’s what you really always wanted me to have - nothing. But you never asked me what I wanted. I wanted to read. I wanted to talk. I wanted a Father. I wanted a Family. I wanted to belong somewhere.”

Favorite Female Characters {3/5}
     ↳ Koriand’r / Starfire

"I’m no longer Tamaranean… and I’m not quite an Earthling. Where do I belong?"

Favorite Female Characters {2/5}
     ↳ Mia Dearden / Speedy

"This is the life I’m choosing……whether you want me to or not."

Favorite Female Characters {1/5} 
     ↳Barbara Gordon / Batgirl / Oracle

No killing is justified. Ever.”